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What's new at Sacred Mountain?


You have arrived at a VERY exciting time in the
history of Sacred Mountain!
Always remember: As doors shut, other doors, windows and
garage doors open...
Many of you know that I am passionately inspired by the world of faeries and hobbitsies.
It is with much joy and bubbling excitment that I introduce to you for the first time anywhere: 
ParaLee’s Pretties from the land of Idyllwild (Idle-wild) at Sacred Mountain.
Ming Lo was known to have moved the mountain, but the Sacred Mountain evolves and moves to where each of us journey in our own lives.

What the heck is an Idyllwild…just say it over and over …’s so fun to say.   tee hee!

An Idyllwild is a hidden, quite, safe, space…… in the wild! Nice Hun!

(Just like the book “The Shack” I was taken on a spiritual journey that allowed my mind to stretch to extremely wondrous ideas of heavenly thoughts. Oh babe, if you have not read ‘The Shack”, you are so missing out!)


Ok! I now know what an Idyllwild is, so how do I get there from here?


First, find a nice quite place, just you… you and your thoughts.

Take a deep breath…. let go slowly of any negative or unwanted thoughts.

Do this three times, nice and slow.

On the third breath let your mind go to the last place you felt absolutely safe.

 It might be Cabin time  or, for our new friends, maybe a place in nature or one of the “Moments in time that took your breath away.”

Now, let your mind create a most unique and wonderous place just for your very own Idyllwild.

Maybe you have beautiful music sending comforting, relaxing, sounds to your ears.

Or a fountain with the sound of trickling water that heralds feelings of being washed pure and clean.

The light of a candle dancing about illumining every tiny corner.

You smell the sweetest smells.

As your favorite essence begins to waft in the breeze, drifting to the end of your mind, reminding you of wonderfully goods times.




This, my friend, is an Idyllwild.

Your safe Sacred place!

Let yourself take in all of these moments.

You might feel like you are floating (A common experience felt at Sacred Mountain!)

Yum…. Let this be your personal Idyllwild, a place to go during times of need.

Allow yourself to bring these essential feelings into the very core of who you are. 

Let it bathe all of your Being, uplifting you, even in times of utter chaos.


 Let yourself go to your Idyllwild as often as you wish to replenish your Spirit. 

Or…just because you like the feeling of floating. A natural high.






And…..Let the Journey begin.

 Check back often for ParaLee’s Pretties and Idyllwild updates.


Ta Ta for now!


Until we meet again!