Sacred Mountain...For Your Family's Wellness
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Sacred Mountain is located at 216 East School Ave.
in Visalia, CA, 93291 559.749.0444
Owner: Cathy Franklin

Sacred Mountain is created as a whole family natural wellness center to release our own personal healing powers so we may live fulfilling, prosperous, healthy, and happy lives.



 The techniques used at Sacred Mountain are powerful, gentle, and simple.

The most common effect of a treatment is deep relaxation followed by increased well being and renewed abundant energy. Just one session can make a tremendous difference in your life.

Welcome to Sacred Mountain...a safe retreat for your family's wellness.

Tulare County's premiere natural healing center.

Our elegantly finished log cabin facility located in the heart of Visalia provides a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere to help ease the healing work performed by our staff of highly trained energy workers at Sacred Mountain.

Our treatment rooms are created with the perfect atmosphere to take you into a state of complete relaxation. Dimmed lighting soothes the soul and soft music fills the air. Your treatments are delivered in a unique sanctuary especially designed to promote a natural spiritual healing experience.




Our onsite treatments
cover a broad spectrum of healing therapies including:

Our apothecary features care-fully handmade organic healing products including essential oils, candles, soaps, bath salts, herbal tea blends, incense, crafts and handmade jewelry. All of our products are custom created specific to the healing path of the individual client.





To See More of Our Beautiful Gift and Apothecary Items 

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The Philosophy of Spiritual Healing

By Alicia Boyd, Reiki Master, Educator, and Developmental Psychologist

"It is believed that during our early childhood experiences and traumas (i.e. sexual, emotional and physical abuse), we store energy in our bodies that are directly connected to our childhood thoughts. If these experiences are positive in nature then we behave powerfully in the world.  We are able to be successful in our intimate, professional and social lives.  We carry around attitudes and beliefs that are empowering, where we are co-creators of our existence.  We have compassion and love for ourselves, our loved ones and humanity at large. 

However, if these thoughts are negative, as adults, we may develop uncontrollable patterns of behavior from these energies, which then causes us great pain and unhappiness.  We are unable to prevent ourselves from continuing to demonstrate these very destructive behavioral patterns.  We might feel the world is unsafe, unfair and that we are powerless in it.  We can consciously know that our behaviors are destructive to ourselves and to others but we don’t have the capacity or the ability to stop ourselves.

Spiritual Healing allows these energies to be replaced with positive energy.  The mind is made consciously aware of the thought patterns that are a part of the body and more affirmative ways of thinking are replaced.  The person sets in motion to transform their spiritual energy, which impacts upon their physical and emotional selves.  Thus, they are capable of attracting more affirmative experiences from the world and they are able to have more constructive relationships between themselves and others.  The person embarks upon a profound change in their lives, becoming more powerful, healthier, more loving, and thus, much happier in their lives and in the world."